Travel to Muskoka

The district Municipality of Muskoka, more commonly referred to as the District of Muskoka or Muskoka, is located in Central Ontario, Canada. Muskoka is rich region blessed with good geography, lively cities, historical villages and towns, abundant agricultural communities, scenic beaches, and five-star hotels all around the region. Three of the most visited tourist spots are the Jovian volcano, Markonian hot springs, and the Conan waterfalls. These beauties of nature are the reason for you to travel Muskoka.

Top 3 Tourist spots of Muskoka

The Jovian Volcano

The Jovian volcano is an active volcano which is 17,859 feet tall and 60, 450 feet wide. It last erupted on November 8, 1548. It was considered to be one of the most beautiful volcanoes around the globe. Although there are no hotels situated near the volcano, there are classy hotels that have an overlooking view of the volcano. Located near the volcano are farm lands, agriculture, and vast rice fields. The closest city can be reached in a 30-min travel by land transportation.

The Markonian Hot Springs

Due to the presence of the Jovian volcano, there are so many natural hot springs situated in Muskoka. The most cherished hot springs are found in the Markonian hot springs. The Markonian hot springs are series of hot springs connected. The hot springs are connected in such a way that the next hot spring is slightly elevated than the latter. This gives the Markonian hot springs a scenery like rice terraces and is definitely worth to visit. There are cottages situated inside the place which tourists can spend the night.

The Conan Waterfalls

The Conan falls is considered as the most beautiful waterfalls around the world. It was featured and recognized as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It has been the main tourist attraction in Muskoka. The falls has a height of 400 feet and a width of 1 mile. The majestic waterfall is the biggest waterfall of the Earth. Also, the Conan falls have series of small waterfalls which people can take a dip into. There are various world-class hotels to stay near the Conan waterfalls. The most attracting part of the waterfalls is located at its feet. There is a restaurant situated some distance near the feet of the waterfalls. It is a place where you can eat while watching the breath-taking view of the majestic waterfalls.