Clean Hotel Room

How to Spot a Hotel’s Cleanliness Level (and what to look out for)…

Traveling from one place to the other can mean that you need to stay in a hotel. If you are a person that likes the standards of cleanliness to be high, as we all do, then there are some red flags. These will tell you if you are in the right hotel or maybe you should try the next one. It could be incredibly frustrating especially if you booked in advance. Not many people spot these things and therefore end up in a hotel that is just plain dirty. So, below is How to spot a hotels cleanliness level (and what to look out for).

Assessment on Arrival

This is one of the most of the most important parts of when you arrive at a hotel. You don’t even have to wait to get up in your room as the situation in the reception area can tell you a lot about where you just arrived. From the point that you are received and how the general cleanliness of the place is will tell you a lot of things that you want to know. So, get to walk around and know the general cleanliness level of the place.

The exterior of the hotel

You need to make sure that you scan the exterior of the hotel to the last crack if possible. It might sound like a lot of work, but it will save you a lot of frustration later on. The lobby, dining areas as well as the elevator shafts need to be looked at. Is the landscape of the hotel well groomed? Are the walkways trash free? Are the floors moped and shiny like they are supposed? Is the furniture dust free as well as is there a fresh scent in there? All these things can tell you a lot about the place that you are at.

A complete walk through of your room

This is the part where you get to wear gloves and comb through your room for anything suspicious. Pull back the mattresses and the bed sheets and even the pillows to check for lice and bedbugs. After this, go to the bathroom and examine it for things such as hair, mold, grime as well as rust stains. Inspect the glassware to check for fingerprints or soap residue. If you look closely, you can even get to see lipstick remnants if there are any. Then check on the condition of the carpet to check whether it has been vacuumed or even deep cleaned.  Carpets should be deep cleaned at least twice a year with steam cleaners.

Turn the hotel room’s lights off

This is the last bit to get to know if you are staying in a healthy environment. What you do is first turn the lights off completely. Then get a flashlight and what you do is flash it on to the walls, carpets, linens as well as the bathroom and this is bound to reveal any traces of bugs or bodily fluids. If any spots or stains are appearing, then you know that this place lacks sanitation. These are just a few methods to get you to know how clean a hotel is.